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Current currency rates

USA - Dollar USD 4.015 4.065 VIP RATES from 5000 zł 4.035 4.055
EU - Euro EUR 4.305 4.355 VIP RATES from 5000 zł 4.32 4.34
UK - Pound GBP 5.085 5.135 VIP RATES from 5000 zł 5.105 5.125
Switzerland - Franc CHF 4.515 4.565 VIP RATES from 5000 zł 4.53 4.55
VIP Rate - USD up to 2007r USo 4.03 4.05 VIP RATES from 5000 zł 4.03 4.05
Japan - Yen JPY 0.0255 0.0268 VIP RATES from 5000 zł 0.02575 0.0264
Korea, South - Won KRW 0.00292 0.00306 VIP RATES from 5000 zł 0.00295 0.00303
Thailand - Baht THB 0.1105 0.116 VIP RATES from 5000 zł 0.1115 0.115

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Provided rates are avaible by ONLINE ORDER. After clicking EXCHANGE CURRENCY you can order or pay for the currency.

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